Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Social Assistance (2014 Reissue)

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433478980


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Employment insurance ("EI") and income assistance are two of the pillars of Canada's social safety net. Persons engaged in insurable employment can obtain EI benefits for a limited time if they become unemployed and meet all other eligibility requirements. They may also obtain income assistance once their eligibility for EI has expired, as may those who were not eligible for EI in the first place.

This title provides a succinct overview of the general principles that apply to the federal employment insurance regime, and the unique income assistance programs that exist in each province and territory. This title refers to all of the pertinent legislation and case law in Canada regarding offences, appeals and eligibility for unemployment benefits, disability benefits, and employment and income support. Topics covered in this essential reference include:

Table of Contents

    Employment Insurance
    1. Constitutional Framework
    2. Appointment
    3. Powers and Duties
    4. Independence
    5. Bias
    6. Sanctions
    7. Offences
    8. Social Insurance Number
    9. Benefit Repayment
    10. Self-Employed Persons
    Income, Employment and Disability Support
    1. Overview
    2. Provincial and Territorial Regimes


    Jay Brecher, B.A., LL.B.

    Jay Brecher, B.A., LL.B., manages LexisNexis Canada's legal writing team, and he is also the Managing Editor of Halsbury's Laws of Canada. He has extensive experience as a legal researcher, writer and editor. He has authored or co-authored several Halsbury's titles, including Athletics, Civil Procedure and Judges and Courts, and he has served as a contributing editor for numerous others, including Administrative Law, Employment and Torts. Keenly interested in social justice issues, for over a decade he has been actively involved as a volunteer coordinator and fundraiser for Lawyers Feed the Hungry, a meal program administered by the Law Society of Upper Canada. As a member of LexisNexis Canada's Rule of Law Committee, he co-founded the LexisNexis Book Bank, which has donated thousands of legal textbooks to students in developing countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. While in law school, he volunteered as a legal researcher and advocate for the London Unemployment Help Centre.

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