Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Vital Statistics (2015 Reissue) / Wildlife, Livestock and Pets (2015 Reissue)

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ISBN:: 9780433483861


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Susan Boulter, B.A. & Derek Hill, B.Sc., LL.B., B.J.

Vital statistics are data collected by the registration of vital events, such as births, stillbirths, deaths, and marriages, and are increasingly relevant in our information age. This information is also an important tool to monitor population growth, serve as an important source of public health information, and may be used for methodological studies and survey sampling. Such information has also been critical in identifying, understanding and controlling communicable diseases. This title examines the constitution law relating to the collection and registration of vital statistics by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Topics covered include:

Gavin Hole, B.Eng, J.D.

While the ownership and protection of animals is affected by laws of general application, such as the law of property and the criminal law, legislation has also been enacted at all levels of government targeting the regulation of animals in their many different capacities. This title discusses both the diverse legislative framework and the common law principles that affect the treatment of wild and domestic animals in Canada, such as biodiversity protection, prevention of cruelty and the health of animals, pedigree, ownership and identification, and torts involving animals.

Topics covered include:

Table of Contents

Federal Vital Statistics System
Provincial/Territorial Vital Statistics System
Confidentiality of Data

Births and Stillbirths
Legal Process
Registration of Births
Naming Children
Legitimacy and Paternity
Birth Certificates

Adoptions and Adoption Records
Legal Process
Post-Adoption Information
Aboriginal Children

Legal Process
Marriage Licences
Marriages Without a Licence
Ceremonial Requirements
Marriage Certificates
Dissolution or Annulment of Marriage
Domestic Partnerships

Name Changes
Legal Process
Changing Children's Names
Married Persons and Adult Interdependent Relationships
Annulling a Change of Name

Change of Sex
Legal Process

Legal Process
Registration of Death
Death Certificates

I. Introduction

II. Protection of Biodiversity
1. Overview
2. Federal Regulation
3. Provincial and Territorial Regulation

III. Protection of Animals
1. Cruelty
2. Health Measures

IV. Pedigree
1. Animal Pedigree Associations
2. Registration of Animals of a Distinct Breed
3. Identification of Animals of an Evolving Breed
4. Records
5. Enforcement, Offences and Penalties

V. Ownership, Transfer and Identification
1. Livestock
2. Domestic Animals
3. Wild Animals
4. Strays
5. Abandoned, Neglected and Abused Animals

VI. Torts Involving Animals
1. Scienter and Negligence
2. Cattle Trespass and Animals on Highways
3. Nuisances
4. Law of Delict

Susan Boulter, B.A., Derek Hill, B.Sc., LL.B., B.J. & Gavin Hole, B.Eng, J.D.

Susan Boulter, B.A., was Co-Chair of the Vital Statistics Council of Canada from 2012 until her retirement in August 2014. She was a member of the Council's executive for seven years, and was the Chief Operating Officer of Manitoba's Vital Statistics Agency. In her 35 year career with the Province of Manitoba, she also served as Director of Driver and Vehicle Licencing, and Chief Operating Officer of the Materials Distribution Agency. She is currently on the boards of Cancercare Manitoba and the Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Rehfit) Foundation Inc.

Derek Hill, B.Sc., LL.B., B.J., is a freelance legal writer and researcher and an award-winning journalist. Formerly a legal Editor for a major Canadian online legal publisher and business Editor of The Lawyer's Weekly, Mr. Hill's journalistic work has appeared in various publications, including The Lawyer's Weekly, Urban Lawyer, Law Times, Canadian Lawyer, Inside Counsel, and the National Post.

Gavin Hole, B.Eng, J.D., is a legal researcher and writer for LexisNexis Canada. He co-authored the Halsbury's Expropriation title, and has served as a contributing editor for numerous other Halsbury's titles, including Aviation and Space, Communications, and Taxation (Goods and Services). Gavin received his law degree from the University of Toronto, after obtaining a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. He worked in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, as an associate in the Securities and Capital Markets Group and the Labour and Employment Group, and subsequently worked as an associate at the law firm of Cobb & Jones LLP in Simcoe, Ontario. Before attending law school, he worked for several years as an engineer for General Motors of Canada.

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