British Columbia Litigator's Pocket Reference, 2015 Edition

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ISBN:: 9780433478591


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The Successful Litigator's Companion

Trial lawyers – no matter how experienced – can't be expected to instantly recall the minutiae of civil procedure, which is why this one-stop source of legal and tactical information for litigators and their staff is invaluable. This handy pocket reference handbook provides a sequential guide through a civil law proceeding, identifying and summarizing the steps that must be taken and the issues that must be considered at each stage, supplementing the formal requirements of the rules of civil procedure with practical suggestions.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 2: Commencement of Proceedings
Chapter 3: Responses to Pleadings and Subsidiary Claims
Chapter 4: Pleadings
Chapter 5: Matters Arising Subsequent to Pleadings
Chapter 6: Discovery of Documents
Chapter 7: Examination for Discovery
Chapter 8: Applications
Chapter 9: Setting Down for Trial
Chapter 10: The Trial
Chapter 11: Appeals
Appendix A British Columbia Government Map
Appendix B: Directory of British Columbia Courthouses
Appendix C: Directions to Supreme Court of British Columbia Registries (Except Vancouver and Victoria)
Appendix D: British Columbia Supreme Court Telephone Numbers
Appendix E" Civil Practice Directives, Practice Notes and Notices to the Profession (Court of Appeal)
Appendix F: Civil Practice Directions and Administrative Notices (Supreme Court)
Appendix G: Court Filing Fees
Appendix H: Common Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies
Appendix I: Standard Legal Citations
Appendix J: Directory of Web Sites for Litigators


Dirk Laudan, Leon Beukman & Ira Nishisato

Dirk Laudan, is a litigation Partner in the Construction, Engineering, Surety and Fidelity Group of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. He practises in the areas of construction litigation, surety claims, commercial disputes, insurance coverage, media and defamation, real estate disputes, and employee fraud. Mr. Laudan graduated from the University of Toronto (Trinity College) in 1991 and the University of British Columbia Law School in 1995. He has been the Chair of the Construction Section of the Canadian Bar Association British Columbia Branch, and is an executive member of the National Construction Section of the CBA.

Leon Beukman, is a Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and practices civil Litigation at the Vancouver office. He has practised law for 20 years and has acted as counsel in many cases and has extensive trial experience.

Ira Nishisato, is a Partner with Borden Ladner Gervais LLP in Toronto and is the National Leader of the Commercial Litigation Practice Group. His practice focuses principally on complex commercial litigation; fraud and anti-piracy litigation; injunctions and extraordinary interlocutory remedies; and international and multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution. Mr. Nishisato has appeared before all levels of court including the Supreme Court of Canada, and is a regular speaker at national and international legal conferences. He is recognized in the international publications Chambers Global: The World's Leading Lawyers for Business and PLC Which Lawyer?, and is an Officer of the Litigation Committee of the International Bar Association.

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