British Columbia Family Law Practice, 2016 Edition + E-Book

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book + eBook, 2
ISBN:: 9780433486763


A One-Stop Resource for Practising Family Law in British Columbia – With annotations of all key family law statutes, Child Support Guidelines and practice rules

British Columbia Family Law Practice, 2016 Edition is once again your source for all the annotated legislation that a B.C. family law professional needs. This new edition reflects recent court approaches in interpreting and applying the Divorce Act, Child Support Guidelines, the B.C. Child, Family and Community Service Act, Family Law Act and other federal and provincial family legislation. It also continues to offer the original Ministry interpretations of every FLA provision, and cross-references to help you negotiate the new legislation.

Highlights of the New Edition

Unique Features An Invaluable Reference for

Table of Contents

Limitations Table

Part I – Substantive Law

1: Federal Legislation and Regulations

2: British Columbia Legislation and Regulations

3: Miscellaneous Statutory Provisions

Part II – Enforcement

1: Federal Legislation and Regulations

2: British Columbia Legislation and Regulations

Part III – Practice Rules

B.C. Supreme Court Act, s. 18

B.C. Supreme Court Family Law Rules (Annotated)

B.C. Provincial Court (Family) Rules (Annotated)

B.C. Provincial Court (Child, Family and Community Service Act) Rules

B.C. Court of Appeal Act and Rules

Family Practice Directions 1-7


1. Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

2. B.C. Family Mediators contact information

3. B.C. Child Interviewers contact information

4. B.C. Parent Co-ordinators contact information


The Honourable Madam Justice Carol Huddart & Trudi L. Brown, Q.C.

The Honourable Madam Justice Carol Huddart was appointed to the County Court of Vancouver in September 1981, to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in May 1987, and to the British Columbia Court of Appeal in March 1996.

Trudi L. Brown, Q.C., is a Partner with Brown Henderson Melbye LLP in Victoria. She has practised family law since 1974 and frequently lectures on family law topics. Ms. Brown is currently the Co-Chair of the National Family Law Program, a program held every two years for lawyers and judges in Canada under the auspices of the Federation of Law Societies. Ms. Brown takes an active role in the B.C. legal profession. She has served as President of the Law Society of British Columbia and is currently a Life Bencher. Ms. Brown is also involved in her community and has served on numerous boards, including the Canadian Red Cross, United Way, University of Victoria, and currently the B.C. Lottery Corporation Board.

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