Administrative Law in Canada, 5th Edition

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433458401


"The aim of this book is to unravel the mysteries and complexities of Administrative Law so that they may be understood by all."

-From the Foreword

The Latest Rules of the Game

Since 1992, Administrative Law in Canada has helped tribunal members and participants across Canada to understand the roles they play and the rules that tribunals must follow. In the fifth edition, author Sara Blake explains the latest developments relating to the powers and procedures of the many and varied public officials, boards and agencies that exercise statutory authority. Advice and insights apply to municipal, environmental, immigration, labour and employment, professional discipline and all other areas of administrative law in Canada.

Whether you serve on a tribunal, appear in proceedings before tribunals or make decisions pursuant to statutory powers, you'll find information to make your job easier:

What's New in this Edition?

A Portable, Easy-to-Understand Reference for...

Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Part I – Proceedings Before the Tribunal
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Tribunal Procedure
Chapter 3: Discretion and Bias
Chapter 4: Decision-Making Powers
Chapter 5: Rule-Making Powers
Part II – Review of Tribunal's Action
Chapter 6: Appeals from Tribunal Decisions
Chapter 7: Judicial Review Procedure
Chapter 8: Scope of Judicial Review
Chapter 9: Judicial Remedies


Sara Blake

Sara Blake, of the Ontario Bar, is a civil litigation lawyer with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Law Office – Civil Law, where she acts for government ministries and agencies in appeals, civil actions, applications for judicial review and tribunal hearings. She has argued cases before all levels of court including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Appeal. Previously, she was Senior Litigation Counsel of the Ontario Securities Commission where she conducted numerous investigations and proceedings before the Commission and the courts.

Ms. Blake is a recipient of the 2009 SOAR Medal, awarded by the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators to recognize an outstanding contribution to the administrative justice system in Ontario. She is a Past Chair of the Administrative Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association. She served as a member of the SOAR Model Rules Committee who drafted model procedural rules for all Ontario tribunals.

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