Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Copyright (2015 Reissue)

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433487166


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Copyright laws are instrumental in protecting the distribution of and access to works of art and intellect. However, these rights can be difficult to optimize and enforce. A clear understanding of the nature, scope and purpose of copyright law is essential in providing clients with clear and cogent advice.

With a detailed analysis of relevant legislation and seminal case law, Halsbury's Copyright (2015 Reissue) title provides practitioners with a competitive advantage in creating copyrights, maximizing their protection and taking timely and effective action against their infringement.

Topics in this national reference include:

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  1. Nature of Copyright
  2. Sources of Law

  1. Protected Works and Neighbouring Rights
  1. Categories of Works
  2. Published Works
  3. Unpublished Works
  4. Neighbouring Rights

  1. Ownership, Assignment and Licensing
  1. Ownership
  2. Assignment and Transfer
  3. Voluntary and Compulsory Licensing

  1. Term of Protection
  1. Crown Copyright
  2. Cinemagraphic Works
  3. Photographs
  4. Joint Authorship
  5. Posthumous Works
  6. Reversionary Interest
  7. Neighbouring Rights
  8. Works Before 1924

    1. Registration
    2. Collective Administration
    3. Delivery to National Library

      1. Manner of Infringement
      2. Lawful Usage

        Moral Rights
        1. Ownership
        2. Subsistence
        3. Infringement

          1. Civil Remedies
          2. Criminal Sanctions


          The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes, B.Sc., LL.B., & Susan J. Peacock, LL.B.

          The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes is a Judge of the Federal Court of Canada. Justice Hughes is the author of several texts in the litigation and intellectual property field, including Federal Courts of Canada Service, 2nd Edition; Canadian Federal Courts Practice; Hughes on Copyright and Industrial Design, 2nd Edition; Hughes & Woodley on Patents, 2nd Edition; Hughes on Trade Marks, 2nd Edition; Patent Legislation & Commentary (annual publication); Trade-marks Act & Commentary (annual publication); Canadian Forms & Precedents – Intellectual Property; Canadian Forms & Precedents – Licensing; Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Trade-marks, Passing Off and Unfair Competition; and Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Patents, Trade Secrets and Industrial Designs, all published by LexisNexis® Canada. As counsel, Justice Hughes has appeared in all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, in a large number of cases, mainly in the intellectual property field.

          Susan J. Peacock, LL.B., was called to the Ontario Bar in 1980. Her practice specializes in the film and television industry. She was formerly Vice President of the Copyright Collective of Canada and the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association. She is co-author of Halsbury's Laws of Canada and Copyright Legislation & Commentary, and she is a founding editor of Canadian Forms and Precedents - Information Technology & Entertainment, all published by LexisNexis Canada.

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