Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Labour (2016 Reissue)

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ISBN:: 9780433489542


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Today's globalized economy creates significant challenges and opportunities for both employers and employees. A comprehensive summary of the distinct labour law systems within Canada is critical to navigating the legislative scheme governing labour relations.

Halsbury's Labour (2016 Reissue) title provides a balanced perspective on all pillars of labour relations law, including: the process of collective bargaining, the nature and contents of collective agreements, standard grievance procedures, conciliation and arbitration processes and the impact of strikes and lockouts, the role of labour relations boards and judicial review of administrative decisions and arbitration awards. This book is an invaluable resource for labour law practitioners, in-house counsel and lawyers who don't specialize in labour relations.

Topics in this essential national reference include:

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Labour Law
1. Division of Powers
2. Effect of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Labour Law
3. Rights and Freedoms Protected by the Charter

II. Introduction to Labour Relations
1. The Collective Agreement
2. Parties to Collective Agreement
3. Trade Unions

III. Primary Labour Relations
1. Federal Legislation: Canada Labour Code
2. Provincial Labour Relations Legislation

IV. Rights, Remedies and Procedures
1. Labour Relations Board Process and Procedures
2. Decisions by the Board
3. Unfair Labour Practices
4. Acquisition of Bargaining Rights
5. Preservation of Bargaining Rights after Sale of a Business
6. Termination of Bargaining Rights
7. Collective Bargaining Procedure
8. Strikes and Lockouts

V. Arbitration Law: Jurisdictional and Procedural Considerations
1. Jurisdiction and Powers of Arbitrators
2. Arbitrability
3. Procedure
4. Evidence
5. Collective Agreements

VI. Arbitration Law: Substantial Issues
1. General Enforcement of Collective Agreement
2. Policy Grievances
3. Discipline and Discharge Grievance
4. Non-Culpable Management Action
5. Union Liability and Rights

VII. Public Service Labour Relations
1. Federal Public Service Labour Relations
2. Provincial Public Service Labour Relations
3. Separate Grievance Panels

VIII. The Construction Industry
1. Legislation
2. Definition of Construction Industry
3. Province-wide Bargaining
4. Certification
5. Appropriate Bargaining Unit
6. Jurisdictional Disputes
7. Strike and Ratification Votes
8. Accreditation of Employer's Organization
9. Grievance Referrals in the Construction Industry
10. Successor Rights
11. Residential Sector

IX. Judicial Review
1. Constitutional/Systemic Basis for Review
2. Statutory Limitations on Judicial Review
3. Scope of Judicial Review
4. Standard of Judicial Review
5. Judicial Review of Labour Relations Boards
6. Judicial Review of Arbitrators or Arbitration Boards
7. Judicial Review Procedure

James G. Knight, LL.B. & Ron A. LeClair, LL.B., LL.M.

James G. Knight, LL.B., is a partner working out of the Hamilton and Toronto offices of Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP. Jamie has authored or co-authored some 20 books on labour and employment law, most of them in multiple editions. Jamie has a wide-ranging labour and employment law practice of over 30 years, with clients in such diverse fields as manufacturing, financial services, the broader public sector, food and cleaning services, hotels, construction and the entertainment industry. Jamie's particular focus is on pro-active human resources management through training and policy development, principled and reasonable resolution of workplace issues if possible, and forceful, effective litigation whenever necessary.

Ron A. LeClair, LL.B., LL.M., is a partner working out of the London office of Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP. Ron is a frequent author and lecturer on a variety of labour and employment law topics, and his practice focuses on assisting employers in the unionized setting through representation at collective bargaining and at various adjudicative proceedings including grievance arbitration, and hearings before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. Ron also defends employers against charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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