Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Taxation (General) / Technology and Internet

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Taxation (General)

Ronald J. Maddock, LL.B.

In almost every corner of our society, taxation is inescapable. A broad legal framework for tax law is evident in every level of government, whether it be municipal taxes on real property, provincial taxes on commodities such as fuel and alcohol, or federal payroll deductions.

Halsbury's Taxation (General) provides a clear and succinct overview of this intricate web of taxation statutes and tax laws in Canada, other than GST and income tax, which are dealt with in separate Halsbury's titles. Topics covered in the Taxation (General) title include:

Technology and Internet
Dr. Sunny Handa, B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M., D.C.L.

As pervasive as the internet and other information technology has become in everyday life, so too has it changed the law in a plethora of different fields – from e-commerce and intellectual property issues to civil and criminal wrongdoing. Computers have also revolutionized the judicial process, through such means as electronic discovery and electronic filing.

Halsbury's Technology and Internet concisely identifies and explains the many facets of the Canadian legal system which have been affected by computers, the internet and other information technology. Topics covered in this valuable title include:


Special Features


Table of Contents

Taxation (General)

I. Municipal Taxation, Levies and Fees
II. Miscellaneous Federal Taxes and Payroll Deductions
III. Miscellaneous Provincial Statutes

Technology and Internet

I. Introduction
II. Electronic Documents, Signatures and Payments
III. Protection of Electronic Personal Information and Privacy
IV. Commercial Activity Online
V. Intellectual Property
VI. Improper Use of Technology (Civil and Criminal)
VII. Technology and the Judicial System


Ronald J. Maddock, LL.B. / Dr. Sunny Handa, B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M., D.C.L.

Taxation (General)

Ronald J. Maddock, LL.B., received his LL.B from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1977 and was admitted to the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1979. Following two years in private practice, Mr. Maddock has been in the legal and tax professional publishing industry for over 30 years. Now a freelance consultant to the professional publishing industry, Mr. Maddock has also served as a Manager within Carswell's tax and accounting group. He is also the author of LexisNexis Canada's Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Taxation (Goods and Services) and Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Occupations and Trades.

Technology and Internet

Dr. Sunny Handa, B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M., D.C.L., is a partner and co-head of Blake Cassels & Graydon's Information Technology Group and is an active member of Blakes Communications Group. Sunny represents clients dealing with information technology and communications (telecommunications and broadcasting) issues and advises clients in terms of corporate/commercial and regulatory matters. He has a substantial practice in mergers and acquisitions and has worked on a number of Canada's largest transactions in the IT and communications fields. Sunny is an adjunct professor of law at McGill University and currently teaches courses on communications regulatory law and complex legal transactions (i.e., advanced corporate law) and has taught information technology law, copyright and trade-mark theory, copyright and information technology law, and mergers and acquisitions law over the past 18 years. Sunny has published widely in legal literature and has also authored and co-authored a number of books on information technology, communications law, copyright law and business.

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