Practical Tips for Law Enforcement

Contains invaluable information on apprehension and arrest. Tips assist the ...

Publisher :LexisNexis Law Enforcement
Format: 1 volume, softbound , Print Book

ISBN: 9780875264233

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Officer's Arrest Handbook
Officer's Arrest Handbook is an easy-to-read, concise manual that will sharpen an officer's knowledge of arrest and seizure law.

Officer's Interrogation Handbook
Officer's Interrogation Handbook helps law enforcement officers understand the constitutional protections applicable to statements, admissions and confessions, and shows how to recognize the line that separates routine police-citizen contact from temporary seizure and full-blown arrest.

Officer's Search and Seizure Handbook, Fourth Edition and 2015 State Case Summaries
Handy and portable search and seizure guidebook that includes annual update to case summaries.