Criminal Law Deskbook

Publisher: Matthew Bender

Concise discussion of the basic principles of criminal procedure, substantive criminal law, and criminal trial strategy and tactics.

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First published in 1984.

1 Volume; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

1 The Adversary System
2 Arraignment and Bail
3 Substantive Crimes and Their Elements
4 Preliminary Examination
4a Grand Jury
5 Discovery
6 Pretrial Practice
7 Search and Seizure
8 Suppression of Statements
9 Suppression of Identification Evidence
10 Motions Limiting Cross-Examination
11 Plea Bargaining and the Guilty Plea
12 Preparation for Trial
13 Reserved
14 Jury Selection
15 The Opening Statement
16 Direct Examination
17 Cross-Examination
18 Presenting and Objecting to Evidence
19 Summation
20 Defenses
21 Sentencing


Schoenberg, Ronald L.


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