Deering's California Codes Annotated

Since 1866, smart practitioners have turned to Deering's California Codes ...

Publisher :Michie
Format: 219 volumes, hardbound, with annual supplements, index. Extensively annotated , Print Book
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ISBN:  9780327079668
2006  |  See description and further details below

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California Corporations Code and Commercial Code with Corporate Securities Rules and Releases, 2015 Edition
The 2015 edition is a convenient one-volume reference containing the business and commercial primary law you and your California clients need most.

California Forms of Pleading and Practice
For pricing and more information on this title, call us at 1-877-394-8826. Discounts may be available to customers that subscribe to both online research and print products. California Forms of Pleading and Practice is the leading source for up-to-date guidance on all aspects of civil actions and proceedings from pleadings to appeal.

Deering's California Desktop Code Series, Civil Practice Codes, 2015 Hardbound Edition
This edition is a 4-in-1 volume containing the four most commonly referenced codes for civil practice in a convenient desktop reference.

Deering's California Desktop Code Series, Penal Code, 2015 Softbound Edition
This 2015 edition contains the full text of the California Penal Code and Evidence Code with Selected Penal Provisions in a convenient desktop reference with analysis and convenient organizational features.