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Bender's Federal Practice Forms
This title can be purchased by calling a LexisNexis Sales Representative at 1-877-394-8826. Discounts may be available to LexisNexis customers that subscribe to both online research and print products. Companion to the venerable Moore's Federal Practice providing a comprehensive selection of federal litigation forms.

Contemporary Criminal Procedure: Court Decisions for Law Enforcement, 11th Edition with CD-ROM
This timely resource is pertinent to anyone involved with criminal procedure, including criminal justice practitioners, law enforcement officials, college professors, and students.

Criminal Investigation Handbook (formerly Police Investigation Handbook)
Criminal Investigation Handbook now contains critical information you need to know about use of the internet in perpetrating a computer crime -- especially cybercrime!

Tactical Spanish for Law Enforcement with CD-ROM, Second Edition
Be prepared for critical field encounters and 911 calls. Designed to be used both in the classroom and in the field, Tactical Spanish provides the information officers need most urgently - basic grammar, essential phrases, and commonly-heard slang.

The Law Dictionary, 7th Ed.
This handy 5 x 8 dictionary contains the meaning and application of over 5000 legal terms.