Bank Regulatory Compliance Alert

Here's an easy way to keep up with fast-changing compliance issues. This monthly newsletter covers the latest bank compliance issues and provides valuable compliance guidance for all aspects of bank operations. An annual compliance calendar makes sure you won't miss any important compliance deadlines.

Publisher :LexisNexis Electronic Publications
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ISBN:  9780769879079
2014  |  See description and further details below

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Products to Consider

Bank Policies, Procedures and Internal Audit on CD
The Bank Policies, Procedures and Internal Audit CD is your blueprint for developing, implementing, and auditing these mandated policies and procedures. These easy-to-use guidance and sample materials are designed to save you money by reducing the time you spend on these activities. And you can be sure the policies and procedures you implement are efficient and effective because they've been proven in thousands of banks across the country. Everything you need is here. You just take what you need and adapt it for your bank.

Compliance Officer's Management Manual
Written by compliance consultant Patsy Parkin, this comprehensive resource provides clear and easy to follow compliance guidance, including coverage of all the regulations in a practical format, detailed coverage of each regulation's purpose, requirements, exemptions, and liabilities for noncompliance; compliance responsibilities by function; compliance checklists; audit procedures; training guidelines; and sample forms and reports. It's an essential resource for compliance officers.

Recorded - Conducting Risk-Based Audit of Your Institution's Compliance Management
This session will help you to develop a risk-based audit program that evaluates the adequacy of your institution's Consumer Compliance Management System.