Bank Operations and Administration Desk Reference

The authoritative resource that gives you clear, practical guidance for managing all the functional areas of administration and operations.

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Compliance Guide to Bank Operations
Written by Robert E. Braun, this guide provides comprehensive coverage of the rules that affect bank operations from the Operations Officer's point of view. Focusing on implementation from the operations side, this publication is ideal for an Operation Staff. It's the comprehensive reference you need to keep in compliance with regulations.

Model Teller/CSR Training Manual with Trainer's Guide
In today's competitive marketplace, you need a well-trained frontline staff that can help secure your bank's image and differentiate it from its competition. Using the Model Teller/CSR Training Manual with Trainer's Guide to train tellers and customer service representatives can help you make the most of that training.

Recorded - Stop Threats to Your Financial Institution: Proper Identification and Completion of CTR and SAR Reports
During this session, our BSA/AML expert will lead you through detailed SAR examples that you can apply to your organization, discuss the right and wrong way to report suspicious activities, and show you what to do after an SAR has been filed.