Florida Family Law

Comprehensive set covers Florida family law with in-depth discussion, practice guides, forms and analysis.

Publisher :Matthew Bender
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Adoption, Paternity And Other Florida Family Practice, 10th Edition
An important resource on Florida family law, this volume covers adoption, paternity, rights of minors, temporary custody proceedings, and change of name.

Adoption Law and Practice
Provides information about interstate, state-federal, and international aspects of adoption, and is the acknowledged authority for dealing with the increased "constitutionalizing" of adoption law and practice.

Drafting Marriage Contracts in Florida, 10th Edition with CD-ROM
A Florida guide to premarital and marital settlement agreements, this volume has standards, tips, and forms for writing and defending these agreements.

Florida Dissolution of Marriage, 11th Edition
A complete guide to dissolution of marriage in Florida, this book explains all of the critical issues and steps involved in dissolution proceedings.

Florida Family Law Case Summaries, 8th Edition with CD-ROM
This book summarizes Florida family law cases involving agreements, alimony, child support, property division, parental obligations, and attorney's fees.