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Products to Consider

American Law of Mining, Second Edition
This in-depth treatment of all aspects of mining law, including federal lands and mineral leases, mining claims, ancillary use and water rights, and more.

Current Leasing Law and Techniques: Forms
Current Leasing Law and Techniques is a comprehensive, practical guide that contains legal analysis, checklists, practice commentary and forms for every leasing transaction you handle. Primarily the focus is on commercial leasing. However, there is also coverage of residential, industrial and governmental leasing. Use the in-depth examination of every type of lease provision and drafting technique for guidance in drafting your forms!

Farm Income Tax Manual
Indispensable explanation, analysis and guidance on the tax issues unique to agricultural clients.

Land Use Law, Sixth Edition
Environmental pressures, fierce debates about growth, and civil rights issues continue to redraw the boundaries defining land use law.