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Products to Consider

Ohlbaum on the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence
The complete rules of evidence with case notes and commentary plus quick answers to your critical evidence questions.

OTStandard California Codes: 6-in-2, 2015 Softbound Edition
Contains the Civil, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Family and Probate Codes as well as the California Rules of Court in two easy-to-use volumes. 6-IN-2 also includes selected Government Code provisions, Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules and Policy Declarations of the Commission on Judicial Performance and index.

Pennsylvania Evidence 2016 Courtroom Manual
This convenient softbound manual is designed specifically for courtroom use ...

Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence
The complete Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence with commentary and annotations. Includes the comments of the Committee on the Rules of Evidence.

Standard California Codes: 6-in-2
Two convenient volumes containing the six most important Codes for California civil practice.