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K9 Officer's Legal Handbook, Second Edition with 2014 Supplement
Know and understand the unique legal issues faced by dog handlers.

Lexis Practice Advisor - Securities & Capital Markets
Lexis Practice AdvisorŪ Securities & Capital Markets is a comprehensive resource that provides unique insight on topics, transactions and perspectives that are most critical to securities practitioners like you. Lexis Market TrackerŪ is available within Securities & Capital Markets at no additional charge. Learn more about practical guidance content written by leading practitioners.

Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel, Fifth Edition
Comprehensive and expert management guidebook for law enforcement supervisors.

Officer's Arrest Handbook
Officer's Arrest Handbook is an easy-to-read, concise manual that will sharpen an officer's knowledge of arrest and seizure law.

Officer's DUI Handbook, 6th Edition with 2014 Supplement
Practical advice for police officers about how to handle the arrest, investigation, and trial of an individual found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.