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Collier Bankruptcy Manual, 4th Edition
The Collier Bankruptcy Manual, a four-volume desk edition of Collier on Bankruptcy, provides a definitive section-by-section analysis of the Bankruptcy Code, accompanied by detailed analysis of current rules, case law, and related non-bankruptcy law.

Collier Business Workout Guide
This timely and very practical guide shows you how to plan, carry out and complete an effective out-of-court restructuring or "workout".

Collier on Bankruptcy
For pricing and more information on this title, call us at 1-877-394-8826. Discounts may be available to customers that subscribe to both online research and print products. The preeminent bankruptcy law treatise provides authoritative analysis of all provisions of the Bankruptcy Code (title 11 U.S.C.) and the Bankruptcy Rules, with a comprehensive collection of commercial and consumer bankruptcy forms. The one resource every bankruptcy practitioner needs.

Collier on Bankruptcy Taxation
This dynamic one-volume resource presents thorough, authoritative discussion ...

Lexis Practice Advisor - Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy
Lexis Practice Advisor® Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy is a comprehensive resource that provides unique insight on topics, transactions and perspectives that are most critical to bankruptcy practitioners like you. Learn more about practical guidance content written by leading practitioners.