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Anderson's Ohio Personal Injury Litigation Manual eBook
Got a question about personal injury litigation in Ohio? Thanks to Anderson's Ohio Personal Injury Litigation Manual eBook, you can track down your answer immediately whether you're in the office, in a courtroom, or on the road. (mobi format)

Attorney's Dictionary of Patent Claims eBook
This eBook version is for patent drafters, providing invaluable assistance in mobi format

Cap-and-Trade: Law and Economics Ebook (LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series)
Answers all your questions about this method of controlling greenhouse gas emissions in a convenient mobi format.

Medical Records Privacy Under HIPAA, Second Edition
This is the one map you'll need to lead you through the confusing maze of regulations intended to protect the privacy of Americans' health records.

Patent Licensing Transactions eBook
eBook delivers coverage of Royalty bases and rates in mobi format

New Products

Collier Guide to Chapter 11: Key Topics and Selected Industries
Includes in-depth discussion of the key topics in current chapter 11 practice and the special issues that arise in chapter 11 cases in selected industries -- all in an eBook format.

Federal Criminal Trials, Eighth Edition
Federal Criminal Trials is the definitive volume on federal criminal procedure, rules of evidence, and constitutional protections- all in an eBook format.

Health Care Law: A Practical Guide (epub)
A comprehensive analysis and practical guide for handling the many legal issues facing all health care providers in today's dynamic health care environment.

Intellectual Property Primary Law Sourcebook, 2014 Edition
The source for all key federal copyright, patent, and trademark statutes, as well as the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.

Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly
This handy how-to guide covers a broad spectrum of issues of special concern to the elderly and their families.