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Products to Consider

AHLA's Guide to Healthcare Legal Forms, Agreements, and Policies, Second Edition and 2016 Supplement (AHLA Members)
AHLA's Guide to Healthcare Legal Forms, Agreements, and Policies, provides corporate and private practice attorneys access to the documents, checklists, and policies in this invaluable resource.

AHLA Federal Health Care Laws and Regulations, 2015-2016 Edition with 2016 Supplement (AHLA Members)
The most significant and timely federal statutes and regulations for the healthcare practitioner.

AHLA Health Care Compliance Legal Issues Manual, 4th Edition (AHLA Members)
Health Care Compliance Legal Issues Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the legal issues that create the foundation for healthcare compliance programs.

AHLA Healthcare Finance: A Primer, Third Edition (AHLA Members)
Healthcare Finance: A Primer addresses all the basics, from a discussion of the particular needs of various types of healthcare entities, to specific financial arrangements and and the attending documents that are integral to them.

AHLA Health Plans Contracting Handbook: A Guide for Payers and Providers, Seventh Edition (AHLA Members)
Health Plans Contracting Handbook from AHLA traces the managed care contracting process from preparing to negotiate the contract, to formation and implementation, to termination issues.