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Products to Consider

Bank CEO's Operating and Management Desk Reference
Author Ed Pace provides guidance for Bank CEO's on key aspects of operations and management, with practical examples, a sample strategic plan, sample risk management system and other adaptable material. Helpful for any Bank CEO, essential for those with less experience.

Community Bank Management
Managing a bank requires senior management knowledge of many different functions. Most managers have expertise in one or two specific areas, but need a place to turn for guidance and tools when it comes to other areas. This comprehensive publication is our answer to the problem.

Compliance Officer's Management Manual
Written by Joy B. Boone, this comprehensive resource provides clear and easy to follow compliance guidance, including coverage of all the regulations in a practical format, detailed coverage of each regulation's purpose, requirements, exemptions, and liabilities for noncompliance; compliance responsibilities by function; compliance checklists; audit procedures; training guidelines; and sample forms and reports. It's an essential resource for compliance officers.

Guidance for Estimating the ALLL: Requirements and Procedures
The purpose of Guidance for Estimating the ALLL: Requirements and Procedures is to give financial institutions timely information about how to handle updated requirements for reporting their allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL).

Practices and Procedures for Financial Institution Risk Management
This handbook covers the most critical areas on which regulators focus in examinations, including more than 100 examples of specific risks, drawn from each of the major risk areas, and includes suggested remedies.