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Types of Information
In General
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Types of Info Contents

LexisNexis people locator products and services contain either public record information, publicly available information, non-public information, or a combination of these types of information. As explained below, the source of the information determines its status. 

Personally Identifiable Information is information that identifies an individual and may be found in public records, non-public information and publicly available information. 

Public records are those records created and maintained by the government that are open for inspection. Examples of public records include state and federal court decisions, state and federal statutes and regulations, corporation records maintained by a state office of the secretary of state, and real estate filings maintained by a county recorder or register of deeds. 

Publicly available information is information about an individual that is available to the general public from non-governmental sources. Examples of publicly available information include newspaper reports, publications, telephone and business directories, and classified ads.

Non-public information is information about an individual that is of a private nature and neither available to the general public or obtained from a public record. Non-public information products may include the following data elements:

  • Name;
  • Current and previous addresses;
  • Social Security number (for LN's policy on the distribution of Social Security numbers, see the LexisNexis Data Privacy Policy, Principle 6);
  • Previous names used, such as alias names, maiden names, or previous married names, and;
  • Birth date information.


Posted January 14, 2002


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