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Internal Document after LexisNexis Total Search

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“We’ve always kept our firm ahead of the fast-paced technology curve in order to provide our clients with the best, most cost efficient service possible. LexisNexis Total Search helps us deliver the type of service our clients have come to expect.”

Gary A. Poliakoff, President, Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

Only LexisNexis Total Search provides an integrated search tool that:

  • Allows firms to quickly locate previous work product that otherwise might be lost in internal document collections.
  • Integrates the Shepard’s® Citations Service's on-point analysis within internal work product in real time to help ensure the highest degree of accuracy and confidence.
  • Provides cross-referencing between and within your firm’s internal work product and lexis.com® based on specific point-of-law discussions within your internal work product.
  • Allows you to search and retrieve premier analytical, news, business, and financial materials as well cases and codes.
  • Helps to ensure the highest level of security for controlling document access and entitlement and maintaining the confidentiality of your firm’s most important assets.
  • Enables integration with your existing system within weeks, not months.
  • Provides quick access with minimal training in the familiar lexis.com user environment.

Easy, precise, secure searching of internal work product

Relevant firm documents are copied from the firm's document management system, indexed and stored. This content is then searchable from LexisNexis Total Search via the lexis.com user interface. Internal document searching is...

  • Easy, because legal professionals already know how to search LexisNexis
  • Precise, leveraging all the powerful search and retrieval capabilities of the LexisNexis services
  • Secure, as internal work product always remains behind a firm's firewall
  • Confidential, as document access is determined by a firm's administrator based on existing security permissions assigned in the DMS

Advanced Total Search search capabilities...

  • LexisNexis Total Search provides LexisNexis proximity searching while searching not only LexisNexis content, but also your internal documents, e.g., amend! W/10 pleading OR complaint. LexisNexis Total Search takes the precision of LexisNexis searching and puts it on your firm’s internal document collections, something no other application can provide.
  • LexisNexis Total Search also enables you to enter a case or statute citation in combination with search terms. For example if you were looking for documents that referenced both 30 U.S. 1 and "domestic dependent nation" you could enter both the terms and the citation and retrieve only documents that contain both the cite.

Focuses in on all relevant internal and external content

With LexisNexis Total Search, as you research a specific case, legal issue or even a person on lexis.com, you’re also searching automatically for on-point internal information based on your same search terms. Relevant search results are delivered in the familiar lexis.com format with several distinct enhancements:

Your lexis.com search results are now displayed with a convenient link to your firm’s internal work product.

Also, next to any LexisNexis case and code citation where references to a relevant internal document also exist, a “firm” icon displays. This firm icon links directly to relevant internal documents that reference that particular case or statute.

Allows firm-only document searching

The user also has the option of using LexisNexis Total Search to find materials residing within his/her firm only. This is easily accomplished by selecting the firm link or tab on the enhanced LexisNexis user interface. This feature allows a user to...

  • Begin research or drafting work in the firm's internal work files, eliminating the need to send an email request for examples of similar work.
  • Utilize internal resources efficiently, ensuring that internal work is reviewed prior to using for-fee services.

Refines your results using descriptive data about the documents you retrieve

Only LexisNexis Total Search allows you to further refine your internal document results based on the metadata contained in your internal document collections, such as type of practice area, author, date written, client, matter, office, etc.

For example, say you’re practicing in California and you only want internal documents created by your firm’s San Francisco office, you can limit the answer set to only those documents. There is no need to sort through every document satisfying your search term, instead you can focus on those that are relevant to your research or drafting task. This revolutionary sorting tool will provide you with on-point materials with the simple check of a box.

Similarly, if you are interested in finding only documents on a particular topic that were written by a specific attorney, you can refine your results accordingly.

Embedded case & code links and Shepard's Signal™ indicators

Any case or code citation appearing in LexisNexis or internal content results is hyperlinked to full-text case law or statutory citations within the LexisNexis system. A user also will see the appropriate Shepard's Signal treatment after each case or code citation, with the full Shepard's report only a click away, making it quick and easy for end-users to review the underlying law appearing in their internal documents.

"Supercharges" your research with convenient cross-referencing

From the cite display screen you can go directly to the full text of an internal document by simply clicking on the document title. Scanning an internal memo, you’ll immediately notice that both full-case and statute citations, as well as pinpoint cites, are automatically hyperlinked within your firm’s internal documents, allowing you to quickly link directly to the case, code or case’s pinpoint page through lexis.com.

Internal Document After LexisNexis Total Search

Open platform, fast deployment

LexisNexis Total Search is designed using open architecture standards to work on common platforms and operating systems. The application does not require major changes to existing operating environments, which means that it will easily deploy into most firms with minimal disruption to those systems. Unlike other integrated search applications, Total Search can deploy in weeks, not months. And, LexisNexis Total Search is built to be customizable to meet the individual needs of each firm and allow for integration of other products and/or platforms in the future.

Monitors usage and adoption rates

LexisNexis Total Search now allows administrators to pull activity reports showing who is using the system and what they have retrieved. These reports provide tangible evidence of the use and adoption of LexisNexis Total Search proving how valuable the product is to the firm. At the same time, the reports can help you identify “soft spots” for usage. For example, if IP litigators aren’t taking full advantage of the product, you can request additional training for the firm’s IP attorneys, maximizing the firm’s investment in the technology.

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