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Introducing LexisDraft

Your LexisNexis services, now on our unique, award-winning Microsoft Word toolbar.

Create quality drafts more quickly and accurately than ever before with LexisDraft. Now you can link up your existing LexisNexis services and guarantee accuracy and consistency without leaving Microsoft Word.

- Avoid unnecessary errors when under pressure with the latest proofreading and reviewing software
- Check your citations against current legislation and case law 
- Access the most up-to-date precedents and documents

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Introducing Lexis®Smart Forms

Complete and share forms quickly and efficiently, using our library of 4,000 Adobe® compatible forms. No need to re-type or scan information for customers that don't share your forms player, our forms are ready to go with expandable text boxes, additional pages and integrated guidance notes.

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Are you looking for Practical Legal Guidance?

LexisPSL helps you get to relevant up-to-date information instantly, providing a cost-effective way to free up time to earn more fees. It provides online access to practical guidance, Butterworths commentary, cases, legislation, forms and precedents.

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LexisLibrary delivers thousands of trusted legal, tax and regulatory sources, such as: Butterworths, Halsbury's Laws, Tolley's, Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law and Civil Court Practice. Plus, wide-ranging primary source materials including:

  • All England Law Reports
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents
  • Atkins Court Forms

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