Success Stories

LexisNexis® is committed to providing a variety of training options offered through our staff of professional trainers and Certified Independent Consultants (CIC). Here are a few inspiring quotes from real customers who have attended our classes:

“I was hired to replace the previous bookkeeper. With no one available to train me I was totally green to PCLaw. The live support and the on-line tools made my self-training on PCLaw obtainable. The program is great and if used to its full potential, it pretty much does the work for you. I love it.”  

"The instructor was TERRIFIC! She had excellent knowledge of the material and kept it interesting to listen to over the span of 4 days. She was very thorough yet could make the explanation very clear and simple so users could understand. One of the best instructors I’ve experienced (and that’s coming from a past instructor)."

“I enjoyed the virtual training format and gained a lot of knowledge on using Redwood tools. This was our first hands on experience so the level of detail covered was appropriate.”

"Our CounselLink training was for a few users having some basic knowledge but with the majority having no prior exposure to the software. Your training was thoughtful and thorough. Thank you!"

"Awesome PCLaw Anytime Training - State of the art! Great job!"

"The class was great – we used real-world case studies of situations I face every day. I was able to test different actions without impact on my firm’s live data, and I can see how I can get more value out of the way we use Juris today.” 

"Excellent training on Time Matters! Great materials, great presentation."

"LNU is fantastic!! I was digging around for help with tm mobility, and found LNU, and except for the impersonal computer voice narration which I guess we just have to learn to accept in this century, it is fantastic. Parts I love: 1)  Gives not only verbal but great screen shot cueing.  2) Allows start and stop which is essential for any busy professional to be able to get thru with the interruptions that always happen.  3)  Provides an outline that you can skip ahead, back, etc to exactly the portion you want; example, I did not need installation, only parts addressed later; at first when I saw that it was a 20 minute ‘lesson’, I thought “oh no, this is going to be dreadful waiting until I get to the section that I need”….but no, that was not a problem !

LNU has not been touted enough, I am going to make sure all my staff is aware and turns to it as a first resource for all problems/issues before going to the next step…"