WSK Dossier Test Application

For hands-on experience in how these operations work, we have provided two test applications

Both applications include a simplified user interface that lets you initiate several kinds of requests and receive responses.

Not every available operation is supported by the test applications, but for those that are you can view:

To use this application simply click on one of the operation links below or in the navigation panel on the left. In most cases, a form appears that you can fill in to specify different parameter combinations. When you click Submit, your request is sent to the Web Services Kit server. You are then informed of the status of the operation and are provided with links to view the information that was exchanged. You also receive suggestions about which Web Services Kit operation you might logically want to perform next.

Note: An Authentication operation must always be run at before any of the other operations. Once the Authentication operation has run successfully, you will receive an encoded security ID that the test application will automatically embedded in any following requests.

Tip: If you want to view or capture the HTTP request/response messages sent between your client and the WSK you will need to run a proxy or other tunnelling tool. For .NET, we recommend Fiddler. For other langauges, such as Java and C++, we recommend the Apache WebServices

The operations that are currently available in the WSK Dossier Test Application are:

You may also access these WSK Dossier Test Application operations from the left menu.

If you wish to try out the basic WSK Operations, click here.