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LexisNexis® Research Services enable you to find critical information from reliable sources quickly, including records and news on legal, business, financial, political, and industrial subjects.  We provide fast access to millions of documents, many dating back for decades, and others that are just being published today.  Moreover, the LexisNexis reputation for accuracy means that documents retrieved through our service are considered reliable throughout the legal and business world.

This  LexisNexis® Web Services Kit gives your developers tools to customize the way your people search our databases, including the abilty to:

The illustration below shows an effective implementation of this Web Services Kit. 

  1. Your company's employee running your Customer Application requests a search. 

  2. Using your customizations, the Web Services Kit reformats the search for access to the LexisNexis® library of sources. 

  3. That information is transmitted back to your systems in XML formats that you can manipulate for display, printing, and use in follow-up requests.

  4. The retrieved information may include summaries of sources as well as tables of contents and other information to assist in follow-up requests. 


The Web Services Kit API (Application Programming Interface) allows your developers to incorporate our most popular research capabilities into your own online research application(s) with minimal coding effort. 

Your developers will:

By using a Web Services development tool that supports the Web Service Description Language (WSDL), you can use the provided WSDL files to build valid message structures and even handle the message exchanges between your system and LexisNexis.

Implementing a Customized Online Research Application
To help you use the LexisNexis Web Services Kit to design and deliver the solution you need, LexisNexis will help you form a project team to oversee the following four phases of the project:

The Implementation Process page describes this process and related features in more detail.

Developer's Resources
This site has several password-protected features available only to authorized developers, including:

The following types of information are covered in this secured developer's area:

If you haven't been provided with an ID and password already, please contact your LexisNexis Account Representative or your Technical Assistant at LexisNexis.

Specification Summary

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