About full-text searching

Full-text searching allows you to run both form-based and full-text searches on all case transcripts or selected transcripts/groups in your case. Once a full-text search is run, you can view and narrow your results in the Search pane.


TextMap offers two methods of full-text searching:

The Full Text Search tab allows you write your own search queries and locate key case information by narrowing your search by categories: transcript text, exhibits, and annotations (also by select issues). You can search all case transcripts or select individual transcripts or transcripts groups. Once a full-text search is run, you can view and narrow your results in the Full-Text Search tab in the Search pane.

For more information, see Running full-text searches and Using search operators.

The Form Based tab has search operator parameters provided for you and allows you to locate terms without having to learn about search operators. The Form Based tab allows you to learn about full-text searching without having to write your own queries. Form-based searches are run in the Full Text Search dialog box in the Form Based tab. Once you understand how to use search operators, you can type your own search queries in the Full Text Search tab.


hmtoggle_plus1Use the Search Assistant to write faster search queries

As you type in search queries, TextMap's Search Assistant displays suggested terms from the case index to help you write queries faster. The word options narrow as you continue to type. Once you identify a term, click on it or highlight it and press Enter to add it to the search query. Continue typing terms to complete the search query.

Many common words, such as "they", "the", "it" are not included in the case index. Additionally, any words added to the Ignore Word list will simply be ignored in searches.

For more information, see About the case index and Modifying ignore words.

Search Assistant example         Search Assistant example


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