World Bank Debarment Actions Show Value of ABC Compliance
Posted on 07-26-2017 by Ulyana Androsova

The World Bank has been busy. In a press release issued at the end of the World Bank’s fiscal year on June 30, the organization announced that it had debarred 16 companies for sanctions violations and entered into eight Negotiated Resolution Agreements (NRA) in the past quarter. The latest actions... Read More

Novartis bribery allegations highlight compliance risks in pharma
Posted on 05-23-2017 by Ulyana Androsova

Recent allegations that Novartis bribed doctors in Greece serve as a reminder that the pharmaceutical industry has a high risk of bribery and corruption. We look at the reasons behind the risk, and how companies can enhance compliance risk mitigation. New markets for pharma increase bribery and corruption... Read More

DOJ extends FCPA Pilot Program for self-reporting
Posted on 04-12-2017 by Ulyana Androsova

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided to extend its FCPA Pilot Program, designed to encourage companies to self-report evidence of bribery and corruption, until it feels able to judge the program’s effectiveness. Pilot Program encourages companies to self-report evidence of financial... Read More

Why Your Business Needs an Anti-Corruption Policy
Posted on 12-09-2015 by Ulyana Androsova

A decade ago, the U.N. General Assembly designated December 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day to bring awareness to a growing blight on social and economic development. In the years since, anti-bribery and corruption enforcement actions have also brought to light the significant risks that business... Read More