The Debate about the Debate: How Media Analysis Brings Clarity to the Buzz
Posted on 10-15-2015 by Megan Burnside

A few weeks ago, Ad Age lamented, “Where did everyone go?” in an article about declining television viewership. Apparently, the presidential hopefuls didn’t see the article, nor did viewers. After the dust settled, the debate this past Tuesday averaged 15.3 million viewers, the highest... Read More

Is Media Coverage Uncovering a Growing Numbness toward Gun Violence?
Posted on 10-09-2015 by Megan Burnside

If you ever did a paint by number picture as a child—or have joined the recent trend of coloring for adults that is popping up all over social media—you know how fragmented the image appears until you start to add the color. Devoid of color, it takes concentration to see the image. With each... Read More

3 Ways You Can Evaluate Awareness in the Media
Posted on 10-05-2015 by Megan Burnside

In the classic cartoon, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown , Linus says , “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” Obviously, the media doesn’t hold to the same standards. It’s early days yet for... Read More

Tips to Improve Your PR Strategies | Upcoming Webinar
Posted on 10-01-2015 by Megan Burnside

Mark your calendar – on October 20 from 1-2 PM ET, LexisNexis® is hosting a Webinar featuring advice on how to make your media monitoring and research work harder for you. Hosted by our own Robert Schrott, Director of Research & Media Intelligence Markets, and Thomas Stoeckle, Head of... Read More

What We Learned about Holidays from Amazon Prime Day
Posted on 09-17-2015 by Megan Burnside

From deals and merchandising to packaging and logistics, retailers are putting their final touches on their 2015 holiday preparations. Shopping days abound when it comes to November and December, all kicking off with the ultimate pre-holiday shopping weekend bookended by Black Friday and Cyber Monday... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Super Bowl XLIX Media Coverage
Posted on 09-10-2015 by Megan Burnside

With the football season kicking off, let's take a moment to reminisce about the 2015 Super Bowl. In the eight months since the game, Tom Brady’s name continues to dominate media coverage, both positive and negative. Will he stay in the spotlight, or will your favorite Fantasy Football player... Read More

Will Media Coverage be Enough to Trump the Competition?
Posted on 09-04-2015 by Megan Burnside

This year’s race for the Republican presidential candidacy started out with many (perhaps too many) candidates vying for attention and splitting media coverage. Enter Donald Trump who quickly captured the attention of the media, voters and few late-night comics. Will it last? Time will tell, but... Read More

Two Ways to Improve How You Track Competition
Posted on 08-24-2015 by Megan Burnside

Competitor analysis is imperative to any business looking to stay a step ahead in a competitive environment. By exploiting the right kinds of information, you can gain insight into rival activity and improve your products and services based on market needs. Monitoring the right information will ensure... Read More

Ditch Dumpster Diving. Monitor Media to Ethically Collect Competitive Intelligence.
Posted on 08-14-2015 by Megan Burnside

Competitive intelligence can be extremely valuable for informing strategic business decisions about your products, messaging, business expansions, customers and more. But when does competitive research slip into the more morally ambiguous areas of corporate espionage? Corporate espionage isn’t... Read More

Informative Webinar Tackles Media Analytics & Visualization
Posted on 07-31-2015 by Mary Frericks

Feeling the pressure to deliver business insights? These days, you face huge challenges—keeping pace with 24/7/365 news and social media and sifting out valuable nuggets of insight to share across your organization. Check out this Webinar to learn how leveraging integrated tools to curate, analyze... Read More

A Prime Example of Monitoring Media for Tracking Competitors and Assessing Customer Sentiment
Posted on 07-17-2015 by Megan Burnside

The consumer world just experienced its first ever “Prime Day,” so named because Amazon® Prime members enjoyed the equivalent of that post-turkey dinner retail extravaganza known as Black Friday. Did the event live up to the hype? Determined to track the event as it happened, we set up... Read More

Making the Leap to Enhanced Media Monitoring and Analytics
Posted on 07-10-2015 by Megan Burnside

Marketing and competitive intelligence professionals are expected know what’s trending now and anticipate the future. With content being created every second of every day, it is difficult to monitor—let alone analyze for insights. LexisNexis® Media Analytics Solutions Specialists Ryan... Read More

Why leadership should monitor mentions too
Posted on 05-20-2015 by Mary Frericks

In the age of social media successful business leaders understand the importance of media monitoring – not only for reputation management but also for sales and development strategy, competitive intelligence and customer retention. "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes... Read More

A More Refined Approach to Media Monitoring
Posted on 04-28-2015 by Mary Frericks

Don’t be misled by the title; this isn’t a blog post about proper etiquette for media monitoring. Rather, it’s a quick tip for getting more from LexisNexis® Newsdesk by using the Refine Panel—or what we like to call the “Refinery” to find data you didn’t... Read More

Just arrived – LexisNexis Newsdesk. A fresh take on media monitoring.
Posted on 04-13-2015 by Mary Frericks

Every day, professionals look for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ when it comes to monitoring the media. LexisNexis Newsdesk is like a powerful magnet that quickly pulls those needles out and arranges them neatly in one place for review and distribution across an organization. Today... Read More