Introducing Training On the Go at LexisNexis

After extensive customer research and analysis of the market, we know that you want more customized and flexible training options, and that many law firms struggle to ensure that their end users are properly trained. As a result, we have released Training On the Go! Our approach leverages technology...

The Ascent to Insight: Developing Habits to Thrive with Research-Backed Decisions. A LexisNexis® White Paper

A study by the Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), found that 95%of market intelligence professionals say that the Internet has impacted how intelligence is conducted, including 63% of who call the impact “significant.” 1 But as the Harvard Business Review points out, “Information alone...

University of Southern California 67th Institute on Federal Taxation (2015)

The latest federal and California tax planning strategies in complete, practice-oriented articles covering individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts, and more. Available in print and eBook formats at the LexisNexis® Store >>

Risk Management and Leadership, State and Local Government Series

Provides case studies and extensive resources to assist risk leaders in integrating risk management into the overall management of governmental entities. Available on Lexis Advance® and in print with CD, and eBook formats at the LexisNexis® Store >>