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Open for Business: Pressures Mount on Financial Institutions to Meet Their Compliance Obligations
Posted on 11 Nov 2014 by Real Law Editorial Team

Think about transparency for a moment. As a property of physical objects, it is easy to define and understand. According to Merriam-Webster, for example, it’s the result of light that is transmitted “without appreciable scattering so that... Read More

Compliance Technology Now a Necessity for Hedge Funds
Posted on 30 Jul 2013 by Judith Gross

Once viewed as a luxury reserved for only the largest hedge funds, compliance technology has entered the mainstream. The complexity of reporting obligations, combined with the expanded number of hedge fund investment advisers that are now registered with... Read More

ACH Compliance Webinar: Understanding Regulations that Affect ACH Transactions
Posted on 16 Apr 2014 by Marge Simmons

Every year there are new or enhanced compliance requirements for processing payments. The biggest challenge is knowing when you have satisfied all of the appropriate requirements for all of the regulations. In addition to complying with the NACHA Operating... Read More