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Hillary Clinton’s Climate Change Plan
Posted on 1 Oct 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Hillary Clinton’s climate change plan , recently released, centers on two goals: installing 500 million solar panels by 2021, and, relatedly, adding enough electric generation capacity from renewable sources to supply all residential electricity... Read More

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in China: Emerging Policies and Laws
Posted on 7 Nov 2013 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

The Center for Climate Change Law has released a white paper tracking China’s policies and laws on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). China has the world’s largest coal reserves and has been zealous in using its coal to drive... Read More

Litigation Seeking Climate Scientists’ Emails for “Transparency” Has Been Secretly Paid for by the Coal Industry
Posted on 21 Oct 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

In March 2015, an Arizona trial court validated the University of Arizona’s denial of massive records requests by Energy & Environment Legal (“E&E Legal”), which sought 13 years of climate scientists’ emails under Arizona... Read More

Peabody Energy Agrees to Update SEC Filings to Acknowledge Financial Risks of Climate Change Policies
Posted on 30 Nov 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

By Jessica Wentz Associate Director and Fellow On November 8, Peabody Energy Corporation, the world’s largest publicly-traded coal company, reached a settlement with the New York Attorney General’s Office (“NYAG”) in which... Read More

Obama’s Clean Power Plan: “There is such a thing as being too late”
Posted on 14 Sep 2015 by Dianne Saxe

In a passionate announcement last month (it’s worth watching ), President Barak Obama unveiled the United States’ plan for doing its part to combat climate change: the Clean Power Plan (the “Plan”). The Plan sets out to reduce... Read More

Coal Exports to China and Rising Temperatures
Posted on 4 Jul 2011 by J. Wylie Donald

By J. Wylie Donald, Partner, McCarter & English Front page news in Baltimore early in June were two stories. The first notes record temperatures in Maryland in the first full week of June, 2011. The second was a lead article on June 12 on the... Read More

Global Warming: There are Reasonable, Cost-Effective Steps that Can Slow the Temperature Rise, but They May Be Rendered Moot by Massive Increases in CO2
Posted on 4 Mar 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

First, some good news. Prior posts have noted repeatedly the key role that methane plays in global warming (the longterm trend in temperature, not seasonal or annual variations). Prior posts have also noted the role that particulates-aerosols play in... Read More