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Threat Of Sea Level Rise In Southeast Florida Calls For Immediate Adaptive Action, Task Force Urges County
Posted on 19 Feb 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

By Jennifer M. Klein, Esq. Associate Director & Fellow, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law Sea level rise is an “inevitable consequence” of global warming and requires innovative capital planning, according to a new Report by the... Read More

Energy and EPA Defend Administration’s Climate Change Approach in Congress
Posted on 25 Sep 2013 by Gabrielle Sigel

On September 18, 2013, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Energy and Power held a hearing on "The Obama Administration's Climate Change Policies and Activities" in response to the President's Climate Action... Read More

Towards an Integrated Approach to Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation
Posted on 6 Oct 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

By Michael Burger Recently I traveled to Vientiane, Laos, to give a presentation at the National Workshop on Disaster and Climate Change Law. The workshop, convened by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the International Federation of Red... Read More

Early European explorers of North America may have indirectly triggered the Little Ice Age by exposing the local population to new diseases
Posted on 17 Oct 2011 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

By the end of the 15th century, between 40 and 80 million people are thought to have been living in the Americas. Many of them burned trees to make room for crops, leaving behind charcoal deposits that have been found in the soils of Mexico, Nicaragua... Read More

Companies Leading the Charge on Carbon Pricing
Posted on 16 Oct 2014 by Steven M. Siros

By Steven M. Siros While it is unlikely that the 113th Congress will take any action on climate change (especially not in advance of the November 2014 elections), many major public companies aren't waiting for Congressional action and are instead... Read More

2015 Paris Climate Change Accord
Posted on 12 Mar 2014 by E. Lynn Grayson

By: E. Lynn Grayson The U.S. was the first nation to submit its recommended outline of the global accord to be adopted at the Paris climate conference. The 2015 agreement will have to bring together the current patchwork of binding and non-binding... Read More

In Issuing Executive Order No. 41, Governor Markell Rejects Any Need to Choose Between Mitigating Climate Change and Supporting Economic Growth
Posted on 24 Oct 2013 by J. Wylie Donald

by Mike Kelly & Jameson Tweedie Last month, Delaware Governor Jack Markell issued Executive Order No. 41 , “Preparing Delaware for Emerging Climate Impacts and Seizing Economic Opportunities from Reducing Emissions.” In many climate... Read More

Fossil Fuel Divestment Catching On?
Posted on 25 Nov 2014 by Dianne Saxe

Is the tide turning on fossil fuel divestment? Climate Week featured promises, by some big mainstream investors, to start divesting from fossil fuels. Notable announcements included the Rockefeller Brothers Fund , which was built on the Standard Oil fortune... Read More

Climate Change: Yes, It’s Getting Worse Fast and It Matters
Posted on 21 Apr 2014 by Dianne Saxe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its Summary for Policy Makers. Based on thousands of scientific studies since 2005 into the growing impacts of climate change, it concludes that key dangerous changes are already underway around... Read More

Lawsuit Seeks To Force Belgian Government To Take Action Against Climate Change
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Jennifer M. Klein, Esq. Associate Director & Fellow A group of Belgian citizens initiated a lawsuit in April seeking to compel their government to take aggressive action against climate change. The group, Klimaatzaak, filed a summons in the... Read More

New IPCC Report: Human Influence On Global Warming Is Clear
Posted on 16 Oct 2013 by E. Lynn Grayson

Meeting in Stockholm last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released new research from its Fifth Assessment Report – the culmination of six years of research and data analyses since the Fourth Assessment Report was issued... Read More

More on the American Electric Power Decision
Posted on 21 Jul 2011 by Jonathan Wells

By Jonathan Wells , Senior Associate, Alston & Bird LLP The United States Supreme Court has ruled that federal courts cannot use the federal common law of nuisance to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. In American Electric Power v. Connecticut... Read More

The EU ETS’s Most Recent Challenges
Posted on 3 Dec 2013 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Teresa Parejo, Associate Professor of Law (Carlos III University), Visiting Scholar at the Center for Climate Change Law The EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System), the most important EU tool to fight against climate change, is now facing... Read More

Negligent Operation of a Storm Sewer: A New Theory of Climate Change Liability
Posted on 9 May 2014 by J. Wylie Donald

By J. Wylie Donald We have written many times about the flawed design of the nation's flood maps in an era of climate change. And spoken about the potential for claims against professionals for failure to consider the effects of climate change... Read More

Dutch Court Orders National GHG Reductions
Posted on 16 Jul 2015 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

By Michael B. Gerrard This morning the Hague District Court issued its decision in a lawsuit brought by the Urgenda Foundation against the State of the Netherlands. The court ordered the Dutch state to limit annual greenhouse gas emissions from... Read More