Climate Change

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Area from Massachusetts to North Carolina Faces Accelerating Sea Level Increase
Posted on 25 Jun 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

Climate change has, on average, raised the surface of the world's oceans in recent decades by melting glaciers and causing seawater to expand as it warms. But the rise has not been uniform, just like the increase in ocean temperature. As noted in... Read More

Climate Change a Breach of Public Trust?
Posted on 12 May 2011 by Dianne Saxe

By Dianne Saxe, Attorney Attorneys representing groups of one or more children and young adults are filing legal actions against the US government, all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, in which they allege that the public trust doctrine requires... Read More

Troutman Sanders LLP: The President’s Climate Action Plan and the Electricity Industry
Posted on 28 Aug 2013 by Troutman Sanders

By Todd R. Coles , Peter S. Glaser , Bonnie A. Suchman President Obama released a sweeping climate plan (Plan) on June 25, 2013, using his authority to both address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The... Read More

Understanding Global Warming: Does Less Sea Ice Mean More Northern Hemisphere snow? Possibly.
Posted on 27 May 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

It was not that long ago that those who believe (on faith, not scientific fact) that there is no global warming, celebrated the snowfall in the Eastern U.S. as though it showed that global warming was not happening. Prior posts have reviewed a number... Read More

Could the Amazon Become a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emitter Rather Than a Sink?
Posted on 3 Apr 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

The Amazon has long been conceived of as a CO2 sink because of its mass of vegetation. Researchers are now concerned that drought and deforestation may make it a net emitter. Because of regular measurements of about 100,000 trees, researchers estimate... Read More