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Skirmishes In States Over Same-Sex Marriage
Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by State Net

SKIRMISHES IN STATES OVER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Last week was a busy one for same-sex marriage, with significant developments on the issue in multiple states. Some of the biggest news came out of Nevada, where Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D)... Read More

Virginia Department of Taxation Will Not Recognize Joint Returns for Same-Sex Couples After Windsor
Posted on 8 Jan 2014 by Williams Mullen

BY: THOMAS W. ALDOUS, JR. The Virginia Department of Taxation recently announced that same-sex couples married in another state must file separate Virginia income tax returns even though they file a federal return as a married couple. Background... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal Spotlight on Constitutional Rights: States Have Mixed Reaction To Court Rulings, Non-Rulings
Posted on 13 Oct 2014 by State Net

In a historic non-decision, the United States Supreme Court last week allowed to stand — without comment — the rulings of three separate federal appeals courts striking down same-sex marriage bans across five states. The high court's decision... Read More