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Article 9 Financing Statements: Debtor Name Changes under the 2010 Amendments
Posted on 21 Feb 2013 by Margit Livingston

The 2010 Amendments to UCC Art. 9, effective July 1, 2013, do not make sweeping changes to the overall structure and rules of existing Article 9, but in a few key areas, the drafters have significantly altered the current statutory provisions to simplify... Read More

Professor Margit Livingston on Article 9 Financing Statements: The Debtor's Name and the Transition Rules Under the 2010 Amendments
Posted on 4 Feb 2013 by Margit Livingston

The debtor name issue has been a troublesome one for decades. Legislative and judicial attempts to grapple with it have not been entirely successful. Once again, the drafters are hoping that this latest round of amendments will finally resolve this... Read More