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State Net Capitol Journal: Utah Cyberattacks Up 10,000-Fold

 A few years ago, government computer systems in Utah were sustaining 25,000 to 30,000 attempted cyber-attacks a day, which Utah Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires thought was a lot at the time. But last week Squires told a legislative budget committee that last year there were spikes of 300 million cyber-attacks a day. 
Squires attributes the 10,000-fold increase to the fact that his state is home to the National Security Agency's new computer center. 
"I really do believe it was all the attention drawn to the NSA facility. In the cyber-world, that's a big deal," he told the committee. "I watched as those increases jumped so much over the last few years. And talking to counterparts in other states, they weren't seeing that amount of increase like we were." 
Utah Rep. Curt Oda (R) said he thinks the NSA or the federal government should defray some of the state's cost of defending against the cyber-attacks. 
"They are costing us a ton of money," he said. "They need to pony up." (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE) 

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