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State Net Capitol Journal: Ohio's $500 Billion Oil Resource Frustrating Drillers
Posted on 14 May 2013 by State Net

The Utica Shale formation in eastern Ohio grabbed the national spotlight two years ago when the state's Department of Natural Resources estimated it held 5.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil, more than twice Yemen's oil resource and worth nearly... Read More

Fulbright Hydraulic Fracking Blog: Pa. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal in Butler Case
Posted on 2 May 2012 by Norton Rose Fulbright

On April 3, 2012 the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted a petition for allowance of appeal in the Butler case . In Butler , the Superior Court overturned the decision of a Court of Common Pleas regarding deed language, specifically the definition of "minerals"... Read More

West Virginia State University Designs Energy Management Concentration to Support West Virginia’s Growing Natural Gas Industry
Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by Babst Calland

By Briana J. Marino West Virginia State University has developed a new academic program designed to educate the next generation of oil and gas employees, developers, and industrialists in the Appalachian region. WVSU now offers a Concentration in Energy... Read More

Arkansas Commission Votes To Ban Fracking Fluid Disposal Wells
Posted on 28 Jul 2011 by LexisNexis Emerging Issues Community Staff

EL DORADO, Ark. - (AP) The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission on Wednesday voted to ban wells for the disposal of natural gas drilling fluids from a region where hundreds of earthquakes have struck, a move officials said was necessary to prevent a potential... Read More

Learn More About Fracking - White Paper and Complimentary CLE Webinar: Best Practices for Avoiding Common Issues Arising from Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Extraction Agreements
Posted on 12 Dec 2011 by LexisNexis Emerging Issues Community Staff

Register for a complimentary CLE webinar: Best Practices for Avoiding Common Issues Arising from Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Extraction Agreements - Tuesday Dec. 20 th 2PM EST Read More

Fulbright & Jaworski: Hydraulic Fracturing as a Subsurface Trespass, Part 4 in a Series of 5
Posted on 29 May 2012 by Norton Rose Fulbright

This article is the fourth in a series of five posts. Hydraulic fracturing activities continue to rise, and are at the center of much debate and litigation focusing on the potential health risks associated with the process. But an emerging issue with... Read More

Potential Risks of Fracking and the Extent That Homeowners Policies Protect Against Damages
Posted on 27 Feb 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

My partner Dean Pappas and I recently had an article published by Best's Review (February 2012) that looks at the potential risks that arise from hydrofracking operations, and the extent to which a typical homeowner's insurance policy covers the... Read More

Babst Calland: Updates to Ohio’s Proposed Increase of Severance Tax on Natural Resources
Posted on 14 Feb 2014 by Babst Calland

By Michael T. Altvater The Ohio House Ways and Means Committee updated House Bill 375, which proposes changes to the severance tax on natural resources. Among the updates are an increase in the proposed severance tax to 2.25% from 2% for horizontal... Read More

Fracking and Hazardous Waste
Posted on 10 May 2011 by Dianne Saxe

Nova Scotia has followed Quebec, and has launched its own investigation into the potential environmental hazards of hydraulic fracturing to produce shale gas, especially the impacts on water. Meanwhile, the US EPA is anxious to formally start its own... Read More

Fracking, Drinking Water and Regulation
Posted on 10 May 2011 by Dianne Saxe

Jessica Ernst has launched a multi million dollar lawsuit against Encana Corporation , the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, and the Alberta government for contamination of her property and drinking water due to Encana's fracking program... Read More

Fulbright & Jaworski LLP: New EPA Report Again Ties Wyoming Water Pollution To Fracking
Posted on 5 Nov 2012 by Norton Rose Fulbright

On October 10, 2012, as a follow-up to its December 2011 draft report concerning allegations of groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming, the EPA released the methodology and results for additional water samples collected from two monitoring wells... Read More

Pennsylvania Would Let Counties Set Natural Gas Drilling Fees
Posted on 7 Oct 2011 by LexisNexis Emerging Issues Community Staff

PITTSBURGH - (AP) Gov. Tom Corbett released a plan for Pennsylvania's natural gas boom Monday that would allow the state's counties to impose a fee on drilling to help pay to regulate it and fix environmental damage in communities where it is... Read More

Steptoe & Johnson PLLC: Final NSPS for Oil and Gas Industry Published in Federal Register
Posted on 29 Aug 2012 by Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

By Armando F. Benincasa The final New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for the oil and natural gas sector was published in the Federal Register and will become effective on October 15, 2012. The key component of the final rules is a requirement... Read More

California Energy Group Defends Oil and Gas Leasing
Posted on 8 Jul 2013 by William Perry Pendley

DENVER - A California nonprofit, non-partisan trade association that represents some 450 independent crude oil and natural gas producers, royalty owners, and service and supply companies on Juje 25 filed its brief with a California federal district court... Read More