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Troutman Sanders LLP: Atlantic Wind Connection Project Adds Belgian Grid Firm Elia to Team
Posted on 12 Aug 2011 by Troutman Sanders

On July 22, 2011, the Atlantic Wind Connection ("AWC"), offshore transmission line project off the Mid-Atlantic coast that would bring thousands of megawatts of offshore wind capacity ashore ( see the October 12, 2010 edition of the WER ), announced... Read More

William A. Ruskin: Are Environmentalists Who Oppose Wind Farms Environmentalists?
Posted on 24 May 2013 by William A. Ruskin

By William A. Ruskin Wind power can help address the nation's compelling demand for electric power without increasing greenhouse gas emissions or enlarging our carbon footprint. Environmental activists, who are critical of the use of fossil fuels... Read More

William A. Ruskin: Balancing The Rights Of Landowners, Wind Power Developers And Mineral Rights Owners
Posted on 4 Jun 2013 by William A. Ruskin

By William A. Ruskin It is the dream of many landowners in the United States to one day have both oil wells and wind turbines on their land. For this happen, however, landowners must play an active role in keeping oil and wind companies from trying... Read More