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EPA reevaluating prior perchlorate decision

Prior posts have noted the decision by the Bush Administration to not regulate perchlorate, EPA's decision in January to reconsider that decision by the Bush EPA, and the EPA Inspector General's report criticizing the Bush EPA's risk assessment of perchlorate. EPA has now announced that is considering whether to formally overturn a prior decision by the Bush Administration to not regulate perchlorate in drinking water. Public comment is being sought. See
In the interim, Representative Speier (D., CA) has introduced legislation (HR 3206) mandating that EPA set an MCL for perchlorate. See
  • Drinking Water: Perchlorate Supplemental Request for Public Comments has been extended to October 8th, 2009

    SUMMARY: In an August 19, 2009, Federal Register notice, EPA announced that it was seeking comments on additional approaches to analyzing data related to the Agency''s preliminary regulatory determination for perchlorate. (Perchlorates are the salts derived from perchloric acid (HClO4). They occur both naturally and through manufacturing.) The additional comments are sought in an effort to ensure consideration of all the potential options for evaluating whether there is a meaningful opportunity for human health risk reduction of perchlorate through a national primary drinking water rule. In response to requests from several stakeholders, this action reopens the public comment period for an additional 15 days.DATES: EPA must receive your comments on or before October 8, 2009.ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2009-0297, by one of the following methods: Follow the on-line instructions for submitting comments. Mail: Water Docket, Environmental Protection Agency, Mailcode: 2822T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460. Hand Delivery: Water Docket, EPA Docket Center (EPA/DC) EPA West, Room 3334, 1301 Constitution Ave., NW., Washington, DC. Such deliveries are only accepted during the Docket''s normal hours of operation, and special arrangements should be made for deliveries of boxed information.74 FR 48541 -- Sep. 23, 2009   EPA data from