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Want to place your renewable energy project on a brownfields site? New web site helps to locate sites, their condition, and potential project incentives from Feds and State

The is replete with brownfield sites. EPA has now launched a web site that superimposes roughly 10 thousand color-coded dots on a map of the Each dot represents a contaminated site or abandoned mine, and the color represents a site category. Clicking on a dot can bring forth descriptive information on the site, its Federal and State environmental history, and data that quantifies and ranks the site’s potential for eight types of power generation (utility-level wind, community wind, utility-level solar, utility-level photovoltaic solar, biomass, and biorefinery facilities). Each dot also allows a user to bring forth what Federal and State incentives, if any, are available for renewable energy projects. Bear in mind that many of the sites have not been remediated. The map and other information about the web site can be found at