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Attention estates lawyers in CA, CT, FL, MI, NY & OH. Did you know LexisNexis offers fully-automated, state-specific forms, powered by HotDocs®?
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 by LexisNexis Estate and Elder Law Community Staff

CALIFORNIA : California Wills and Trusts Drafting System Now powered by HotDocs®, this easy-to-use software will help you create customized wills, trusts and many other estate-related documents from scratch. Based on the enormously popular... Read More

I don't do "simple" wills. In fact, I don't sell wills. I sell advice
Posted on 14 Apr 2010 by David A. Shulman

Miami criminal defense attorney Brian Tannebaum recently wrote a post on his blog entitled, " Do People Who Aren't Hungry Go to Restaurants? " In his post he states that clients are often shopping for the cheapest lawyer, and recently... Read More

Ask Liza: Naming a Minor as a Beneficiary of an IRA
Posted on 30 Sep 2014 by Liza Weiman Hanks

By Liza Weiman Hanks | Dear Liza: I want to name my minor grandchildren as beneficiaries of my IRA account. How do I do that? Can I use my Will? It’s a smart idea to name minors as beneficiaries of your IRAs. Since they are young, they’ll... Read More

Ask Liza: Disinheriting a Child
Posted on 10 Nov 2014 by Liza Weiman Hanks

By Liza Weiman Hanks Dear Liza: My husband and I both have a will that states we are each other’s beneficiaries and executor’s and our son as 100% beneficiary of both of us died,. My husband has a daughter by a previous marriage. If my... Read More

Making Your Mark: Using a Fingerprint When a Testator Cannot Sign the Will
Posted on 6 Feb 2014 by Jennifer Hillman

By Jennifer F. Hillman, Esq. We have all seen the movies where an illiterate individual signs an important document with an “X”. Even literate clients may have difficulty signing a document due to a severe physical impairment. Compliance... Read More

Ask Liza: Getting Good Advice When You Are The Beneficiary
Posted on 26 Sep 2014 by Liza Weiman Hanks

By Liza Weiman Hanks Dear Liza: After dealing with an unexpected death of my spouse my head is still spinning.. My spouse was very private after a divorce and we kept our affairs separate. Now the Will, of which I was unaware, allows me to stay in... Read More

Dedon on Estate Planning: Ringing in the New Year With Good Estate Tax News
Posted on 9 Jan 2014 by John Dedon

By John Dedon In the estate tax world, 2013 ended in stark contrast to the frantic planning during 2012. 2013 marked a return to fundamental estate planning; namely, using Wills, Revocable Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives, to protect... Read More

Wills and Undue Influence
Posted on 23 Oct 2010 by Sandra L. Smith

A recent Texas case illustrates the effect of undue influence in probate matters. In the matter entitled In the Estate of Clifford Eugene Everett, deceased , (No. 04-09-00050-CV, October 13, 2010) [ enhanced version available to subscribers... Read More

Ask Liza: Should We Get Married? Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples Now
Posted on 27 Nov 2013 by Liza Weiman Hanks

By Liza Weiman Hanks | Dear Liza: My long term domestic partner of 30 years and I were registered domestic partners for a few years and then she decided she wanted to be totally financially independent of me so we terminated the agreement last year... Read More