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Digging A Little Deeper: Less Obvious Attesting Witness-Beneficiaries Find Their Bequest Void Under NY EPTL 3-3.2
Posted on 8 Feb 2013 by Jennifer Hillman

It is well-understood by estate practitioners that a beneficiary of an estate should not serve as an attesting witness to a will. If he does, he or she is a competent witness for purposes of probating the will, however, under EPTL 3-3.2 , the bequest... Read More

Making Your Mark: Using a Fingerprint When a Testator Cannot Sign the Will
Posted on 6 Feb 2014 by Jennifer Hillman

By Jennifer F. Hillman, Esq. We have all seen the movies where an illiterate individual signs an important document with an “X”. Even literate clients may have difficulty signing a document due to a severe physical impairment. Compliance... Read More