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MassHealth Long Term Care Eligibility | Activities of Daily Living
Posted on 25 Jun 2012 by Tim J. McNamara

In addition to the complicated financial requirements for becoming eligible for MassHealth long term care benefits, an applicant must also qualify physically . This of course makes perfect sense. If the government provides a service as costly as long... Read More

How to Avoid Massachusetts Estate Taxes
Posted on 21 Aug 2012 by Tim J. McNamara

As we described in an earlier article , calculating the Massachusetts Estate tax (imposed on estates over about $1 million) is not an easy task. So it should be no wonder that families find it difficult to form an estate plan that incorporates a Massachusetts... Read More

The New Massachusetts Pet Trust | Ensuring Your Animals are Cared for Part 1
Posted on 5 Nov 2012 by Tim J. McNamara

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been very busy over the past few years overhauling much of its probate code to reflect modern family circumstances. With respect to traditional estate planning, for example, the code changes Massachusetts estate distribution... Read More

Paying for Nursing Home Care with Medicare or Medicaid | How MassHealth Works
Posted on 18 Sep 2012 by Tim J. McNamara

After visiting the hospital from a sudden fall, or some other unexpected medical event, an older or elderly patient almost always requires some extended time for recovery. But a hospital bed isn't really the appropriate place for such a long recovery... Read More

Qualifying for Medicaid under MassHealth | 3 Main Reasons for a Medicaid Denial
Posted on 20 Apr 2012 by Tim J. McNamara

Questions about Medicaid and MassHealth are usually related to concerns about the ownership and transfer of assets for elderly individuals seeking admission to a long term care facility. Our clients are often uncertain on what types of transfers are... Read More