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Financial Fraud Law

Spitzer Admits He ‘Failed Big Time,’ But Says He Wants Another Shot at Wall Street

 Do New Yorkers hate Wall Street enough to forgive a disgraced politician who frequented prostitutes, and who was an incompetent governor of New York to boot? That’s the question that arises from Eliot Spitzer’s new ad, in which he acknowledges that he “failed big time” but seeks to remind voters that he fought Wall Street in his pre-governor position as New York’s attorney general.
Spitzer begins his new advertisement by stating, “Look, I failed. Big time.” He acknowledges that he “hurt a lot of people,” and then declares, “When you dig yourself a hole, you either lie in it the rest of your life or do something positive.”
The mea culpa ends quickly, as he discusses his history against Wall Street. He advises voters, “if you hear any negative noise out there, and you will, keep in mind where it’s coming from.” According to Spitzer, “Maybe being hated by the Wall Street firms isn’t such a terrible thing.”
Spitzer is running to become New York City comptroller in the same election in which disgraced politician Anthony Weiner is seeking to become New York City mayor.