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Trustee’s and Lawyers’ Fees Top $800 Million in Madoff Case – So Far
Posted on 9 Dec 2013 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

The outsized breadth and scope of the Madoff Ponzi scheme has required an outsized effort to investigate it and to respond to it, and that has required attorneys – a lot of them, spending a lot of time, over the past five years. The law firm... Read More

A Pretty Good Couple of Days for Madoff Victims, Courtesy of JPMorgan
Posted on 8 Jan 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

It has been a pretty good couple of days for Madoff victims. J.P.Morgan Chase reached a $2.05 billion settlement with federal prosecutors over its failure to properly exercise oversight of Bernard Madoff and his operations; $1.7 billion of that is... Read More