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How Many Swiss Banks Will Meet Upcoming Deadline to Participate in Justice Department’s Tax Amnesty Program?
Posted on 13 Dec 2013 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

New Year’s Eve Day is the deadline for Swiss Banks to notify the U.S. Justice Department that they are seeking non-prosecution agreements to resolve past cross-border criminal tax under the Program for Non-Prosecution Agreements or Non-Target Letters... Read More

Former Social Security Administrator Sentenced to Federal Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft, Unauthorized Sale of Stock Certificates, and Tax Evasion
Posted on 15 Jan 2014 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Randolph Hurst, a former assistant district manager for the Social Security Administration in Rhode Island, has been sentenced to 39 months in federal prison for stealing the identity of a Coventry, Rhode Island, man and using his identity to fraudulently... Read More

Corruption, Crime, and Tax Evasion Drained US$946.7 Billion from Developing Countries, Study Finds
Posted on 12 Dec 2013 by Steven A. Meyerowitz

Corruption, crime, and tax evasion drained US$946.7 billion from the developing world in 2011, up more than 13.7 percent from 2010—when illicit financial outflows totaled US$832.4 billion – a new study has found. The findings—which... Read More