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Babst Calland: Ohio Supreme Court Accepts Dormant Mineral Act Case
Posted on 8 Aug 2014 by Babst Calland

By Michael T. Altvater The Ohio Supreme Court will review a key question of state law concerning application of the Dormant Mineral Act (“DMA”). In Corban v. Chesapeake Exploration, LLC , the United States District Court for the Southern... Read More

Babst Calland: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies Application For Reargument Or Reconsideration Of Act 13 Decision
Posted on 3 Mar 2014 by Babst Calland

By Lawrence H. Baumiller The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday, February 21, 2014, denied an Application for Reargument or Reconsideration filed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding the Act 13 decision [ enhanced opinion available to lexis... Read More

Babst Calland: Ohio Appeals Court Overturns Trial Court in Perpetual Lease Case
Posted on 29 Sep 2014 by Babst Calland

By Michael T. Altvater The Seventh District Court of Appeals overturned the Monroe County trial court’s decision in Hupp v. Beck Energy Corporation finding that a standard oil and gas lease form was void as against public policy [ enhanced opinion... Read More

Babst Calland: Ohio’s 5th District Court of Appeals Weighs in on Dormant Mineral Act Issue
Posted on 11 Nov 2014 by Babst Calland

By Michael T. Altvater Ohio’s Fifth District Court of Appeals recently held that the 1989 version of Ohio’s Dormant Mineral Act applies to current disputes concerning ownership of severed mineral estates. The court in Wendt v. Dickerson... Read More

Babst Calland: New York Court Declines to Re-Hear Land Use Case as Governor Anticipates Health Report by End of 2014
Posted on 11 Nov 2014 by Babst Calland

By Michael C. Murphy On October 16, 2014, the New York Court of Appeals denied a request by the bankruptcy trustee for Norse Energy to re-hear arguments in the landmark case affirming local zoning laws adopted by two upstate towns that prohibited oil... Read More